Ok, here’s the thing.
Whichever way you look – climate, politics,
(insert your thing here) – it’s all changed.
And marketing even more so.

What worked yesterday, doesn’t today.
And we all know it.

So. What to do?

Well, we reckon we’ve got a fix 

A cooperative.

Yes that kind of cooperative – the kind where people get together to work for the common goal of making things better for everyone by doing great stuff for others.

Take some long-serving (mainly) ad people – strategists, writers, art-types. Mix in talent from music, design, analysis, web dev and some techies, and here’s the clever bit, work together with them to come up with inspired, crazy, crafted, sparkly things that do.

Think; cooperation as the operating system.

We’ve been around long enough to know it’s dumb to promise a silver bullet, but we also know the same old solutions just get the same old results.

So, why not try a root and branch change to the way you do what you do?

Try collaborating not competing.

We think we’re onto something. If you think so too, give us a try…

Get together with the Gildedsplinters.